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Timeshare is a relatively recent business format supporting hospitality and tourism services. Simply said, timeshare formats allow customers to access the right to accommodation within and between countries. The timeshare owner buys accommodation of a certain quality for a given period. There are several different schemes, but the most simple and original format involves the timeshare owner buying the right to stay self-catering apartment or townhouse/villa in the same resort for a fixed week each year.

Timeshare is a fantastic travel solution but sometimes it’s hard.

And we are here for you! We fully assist you in managing your timeshare account, booking your personal vacations, exchanging, or renting of your owned week (s), buying, selling, and doing rentals. Assigned with skilled professionals with unlimited working experience in travel and tourism, hospitality services and timeshare for more than 15 years in Marriott Properties.

We have the knowledge about the system, how everything works, and we can help owners the best way we can. We specialize in renting the owner weeks, resales, offering them new weeks to purchase, changing the season, the resort, unit’s size, modifying the owner’s name in the event of death or other family situation and all the administrative aspects related to the changes. Our expertise comes very handy if you are looking for a vacation account manager or your personal secretary in all your travel needs worldwide.

We aren’t a listing site – which means you don’t book reservations and list them with us. We are a full-service management agency, which means we will help with all aspects of your ownership including renting any points you are not using. You simply tell us how many points you want to rent, and we do all the work from there.

Due to the marketing reach we have through the online travel agencies; we don’t need to rely on the pre-booking model that many smaller agencies do. Instead, we have the luxury of being able to answer incoming requests from thousands of guests per month, picking up exact reservations for the guest instead of guessing at what a potential guest will want to book.

We are one of the largest third-party management and rental agency in the nation, helping point-based timeshare owners and guests since 20. We partner with the largest online travel agencies in the world and get exposure to over 100 million renters and travelers worldwide in a month, making it easy to get your excess points rented out.


Our focused timeshare is with Marriott Properties Worldwide Bonvoyage ( specializing SPAIN, FRANCE, UK & THAILAND

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With over 15 years of experience managing timeshare, we can help

We manage your account from A-Z process hassle free either buying, selling renting and many more.

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