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A major strength of buying timeshare is the certainty that it provides in popular holiday locations.  

The high standard accommodation in luxurious apartments with superb facilities and amazing value for money only some of the many benefits. 

A lifetime of quality holidays for you and your family will be secured by purchasing a quality timeshare

Accommodation being held in trust for the lifetime of the right to use. When buying timeshare, you pay a once off payment for the right to use. Each year, there is a maintenance fee which pays for the accommodation etc. to be kept clean, in good order, local taxes paid, insurance etc.

The advantages of buying a timeshare resale through Bon Voyage Services are that you buy privately from existing owners offering realistic process over 75% on the developers list price. You will buy from private owners the right to use at Marriott resort of your choice for one week or more per year. We will take care of every step needed to bring the Marriott ownership in your name, we will communicate with Marriott Owner modification service. We will assist you till the moment you will receive the certificate as a proof of ownership once the purchase transaction is completed and open for you the relevant account in MVCI, Bonvoy, Interval International. And more importantly we will help you to manage it and you will save a lot of money.

Buying a timeshare through Bon Voyage Services allows you all the same benefits to exchange through Interval International into over 3000 timeshare resorts. The only difference you will notice is the significantly lower upfront price you pay for the timeshare. We are highly recommended reseller of Marriott Properties. 

Different Types of Timeshares

It is important when you are searching for a timeshare resale to ensure you know the main products available on the market. We have set these out into five main categories:

A. Fixed timeshare ownership - This is a fixed week number which you may use and occupy each year. You can check out our timeshare calendar to see examples of fixed week numbers.

B. Floating timeshare ownership - A floating ownership is split into different seasons and usually given a colour or name for each season from which you may pick your desired timeshare holiday. Examples of seasons are known as: Platinum, Gold, Red, Blue.

C. Points timeshare ownership - A points ownership gives you an allocation of annual points which are exchanged through a central reservation system to a desired resort held within a points portfolio of resorts. There are often extra areas of points ownership to include holiday extras, cruise holidays, cottage rental, car hire, etc.

We cover all destinations, resorts, and timeshare related products in the world. If you have a specific timeshare requirement and cannot find this. Please simply contact us and we will be happy to search for further availability.



Our focused timeshare is with Marriott Properties Worldwide Bonvoyage ( specializing SPAIN, FRANCE, UK & THAILAND

Marriott Club Son Antem

Villa (2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom)

Season:    Platinum    from $8000

Season:    Gold           from $3000

Season:    Silver          from $2000


Marriott’s Playa Andaluza

Apartment (2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom)

Season: Platinum      from $8000

Season: Gold               from $3000

Season: Silver            from $2000


Marriott's Village d'ile-de-France

Villa (2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom)

Season:  Platinum            from $8000

Season: PlatinumNY              from $7000       

Season:  Gold                    from $3000

Season:  Silver                   from $2000


Grand Residences by Marriott - Mayfair - London 47 Park Street

Luxury Apartment (Fraction: 21 nights)             

1 Bedroom Premium       from $75000

1 Bredroom Deluxe           from $85000

  2 Bedroom Premium      from $125000

   2 Bedroom Deluxe          from $140000


Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort

Apartment (2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom)

Season:  Platinum          from $8000

Season:  Gold                   from $3000

Season:  Gold Holiday    from $3500

Season:  Silver                   from $2000


Marriott's Phuket Beach Resort & Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach

Season:  Platinum                 from $8000

Season:  Platinum Fixed       from $7000

Season:  Gold                         from $4000

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